Inspiring Female Founders becomes Diversity Natives

Embracing diversity: Inspiring Female Founders becomes Diversity Natives

Which day other than June 7th would be more fit to embrace equality of all types of gender in the workforce in order to drive innovation?

So in celebration of International Diversity Day, we – (Annette and Britta) are happy to announce the rebranding of the initiative Inspiring Female Founders into Diversity Natives. What’s in it for you? Read on and find the extra goodie…


Annette (left in the picture) founded Inspiring Female Founders in early 2014 after she relocated from Edinburgh to Munich. Back then there were not many events where one could meet and network with fellow female entrepreneurs or enjoy inspiring talks in the startup and technology sector. Annette made it her personal goal to change this and she struck a chord with Britta (right side) who is also passionate about innovation and diversity.

The rebranding reflects that we strongly believe in gender diversity and equal opportunities in business – it’s in our DNA.

We will still have a strong focus on women-owned businesses and female founders as they constitute the largest portion within underrepresented groups in the workforce but we are opening up our circle of friends to everybody who embraces gender equality.

Therefore, we invite all like-minded fellows to join us in our endeavor to strive for and thrive on innovation through diversity.

Join our Meetup group and connect with us on Facebook or Twitter or shoot us an email with your comments or questions or suggestions.

Stay tuned in the comming weeks when we will provide you with more details on what’s next on the agenda in terms of meetups, workshops and tools or projects.

If your company would like to join as networkpartner send us an email.

And of course we have a goodie for you to celebrate International Diversity Day 🙂
Get your free eBook copy of GAME-Faint Signals – a career novel that reflects the importance of diversity in the workforce published by network partner Capscovil.

Happy reading and happy IDD – #StriveandThrive


Annette & Britta

About Diversity Natives

Diversity Natives is an international initiative promoting female founders and innovative entrepreneurs who believe in true diversity across all fields of business. Our goal is to increase awareness and to provide opportunities to empower more women, and business professionals of all genders who embrace equality alike, around the world to become successful entrepreneurs.